reSource Launch - Zombie Play in the Ludic Salon: reSourcing an Exquisite Media Corpse

Sun 05.02.
Sun 05.02.
Meeting Workshop Talk
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Hosted by Mark Butler (us)

With the adludicators Natascha Adamowsky (de), Georg Russegger (at), Daphne Dragona (gr), Mathias Fuchs (at) and special guests.

With participating projects by Steve Lambert (us), Shu Lea Cheang (tw/de), Johannes P Osterhoff (de), Ricardo Amaral (bz/de), Julia Bernaus (es/de), Paolo Podrescu aka Podinski (usa/de), Prayas Abhinav (in) and Linda Hilfling (dk/de).


The Ludic Interface Research Group (L.I.R.G.) cordially invites everyone at transmediale 2012 to partake in a contemporary version of the surrealist game Le Cadavre Exquis. In the course of this event, different projects from the reSource for transmedial culture initiative – which is aimed at facilitating collaboration at the intersection of art, technology, hacktivism and politics – will be brought into a playful dialogue with each other through aleatoric, agonal and just plainly ludicrous methods. In the process, the in/compatibilities of everyone in the room as well as their undead-unconscious "lamella" (Žižek) will be sounded out. This Ludic Salon will lead into the official launch of the reSource initiative, which will spread the transmediale across the entire calendar year.


With a special presentation of the OutResourcing collaboration projects by Linda Hilfling (dk/de) and Prayas Abhinav (in), see: outResourcing Presentation - introduced by Kristoffer Gansing.


(Image: Mark Butler)