reSource activism

The events in reSource activism shed light on the practices of artists, activists and hackers who are rethinking critical interventions in the field of art and technology. The increasing commercialisation of the contexts of sharing and networking is currently transforming the meaning of art, as well as the one of political antagonism. In recent years, within the context of net culture, art practice has aimed to devise different modalities of social interaction and media intervention, which have often not been explored by the commercial environment and by the market – and often anticipating them both. Since the emergence of Web 2.0 and the collapse of many utopias related to the notions of freedom of knowledge and peer exchange – visible also through the recruitment of artists, hackers and cultural producers by many companies – a meta-reflection on the meaning of “activism” as a tactical strategy of opposition becomes necessary. Trying to imagine new forms of participation that go beyond the dichotomy of oppressors vs. opponents, opening up to decentralised modalities of sharing knowledge.


Activism Beyond the Interface: The Sandbox Project (an itinerant production lab, closed session)
Activism Beyond the Interface: The Sandbox Project (open session)


[Images: Roberta Buiani and Alessandra Renzi (Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic CC BY-NC 2.0)]


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