Post-digital Publishing Workshop: Publishing and the University - Open Access and Open Learning

Thu 31.01.
Thu 31.01.
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Location: HKW Lower Foyer


A day of critical reflection on the state of the university: As the walls around universities’ repositories of knowledge crumble and fall, who will be the new learners and the new gatekeepers?
Research communities have been advocating public access to research material via Open Access publishing models for over a decade, with only slow steps forward. Similarly, with the use of Creative Commons and Open Education Resources, educators have been adding to the ambitions of global universal education and the easy reuse of learning material over this same long decade.
The year 2012 welcomed the “Academic Spring” where academics openly striked against corporate publishers, and at the same time a wealth of Web 2.0 online learning platforms have sprung up. Both of these phenomena point to an accelerated pace of change to a critical mass with a confluence of forces at play: the maturity of the net and social media, financial crisis, stifling greedy corporate publishers and the failings of the universities to adapt to a changing net.
A battle is underway. As reimagining the university is feverishly played out, venture capitalists look for easy pickings as they integrate themselves even further into the public purse, and Open Culture advocates look to open up learning.
Contributions to the workshop come from Mute magazine that recently collaborated on a research paper on open education with Coventry University, titled We’re All Game-Changers Now: A Media Study of Open Education.


This event is part of the Post-Digital Publishing Workshop series.

Organized by: Florian Cramer, Alessandro Ludovico and Simon Worthington
In association with Creating 010, Hybrid Publishing Consortium, Neural and Mute


Participation in the workshop with pre-registration only.


This event includes the presentation Open Source Infrastructures for Publishing by Simon Worthington.


The Hybrid Publishing Consortium will support open source and open access infrastructures for a variety of sectors engaged with ‘hybrid publishing’ (combining web, print, multi-platform distribution and social media). Foremost among these are the worlds of academic and independent publishing and the HPC will develop technical, financial and workflow models for both. The consortium has made a general commitment to open access publishing as a means to remove the artificial barriers that readers and authors encounter in their engagement with critical and scholarly work.