Paperduino-Uno - A PaperPCB Workshop

Sun 05.02.
Sun 05.02.
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Paperduino-Uno - A PaperPCB Workshop

Workshop by Wolfgang Spahn (de)


Any kind of media installation based on electronic systems or micro controllers requires some sort of printed circuit board (PCB). To get a PCB one has to manufacture them. Industrial standards are a challenge and it takes some time and money to get them ready, ending up with a lot of dangerous chemicals, not to mention the hundreds of tiny holes one has to drill. Paperboards or PaperPCBs are a smart way to spare you the trouble. Wolfgang Spahn developed them as an open hardware system that allows everyone to create PCBs quite easily ( One can design and modify them on any computer using a simple drawing programme like Gimp or Photoshop. After printing the circuit design, one just sticks it on a standard protoboard – and voilá: a proper and solid PCB has come into existence. PaperPCBs are a perfect extension to the already existing Arduino system and they are a perfect substitute if one likes to create an individual paper version of the Arduino. In the workshop Wolfgang Spahn will teach how to create and modify PaperPCBs. As an outcome of the workshop every participant will have designed and build his or her own Paperduino-Uno. Please bring your laptop (complete with Arduino IDE) and an Arduino. You may also choose a picture beforehand that you like to print on your circuit board.


Additional costs for each participant: 13€ for an Arduino


Workshop: Paperduino-Uno - a PaperPCB Workshop by Wolfgang Spahn

Dates: Sunday Feb 4, 12.00-16.00 

Maximum number of participants: 25
Workshop language: English


⁃    Please bring your laptop (complete with Arduino IDE). You may also choose a picture beforehand that you like to print on your circuit board.



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