OPEN, O SESAMI. OPEN, O GREEN. OPEN, O FIELDS. A Chance Meeting in the Name of Green Rush

Thu 31.01.
Thu 31.01.
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Location: Central Foyer


This meeting on the occasion of the Composting the City | Composting the Net launch brings together partners and projects of green rush. In 2009, Nomadisch Grün launched Prinzessinnengärten on Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and cultivated a wasteland into a vibrant, self-sustainable urban farming/gathering site. In 2012, a Let it grow campaign called for public support to prevent the Property Fund from selling the land. ALOTOF, A Laboratory On The Open Fields, is an Okno (Brussels) initiative to develop framework and structures, seeking open lab/field possibilities for the practices of media art and ecology. Yo-yo (Prague and Hranice) supports experiments at the intersection of art, ecology and media, across rural and urban contexts. RIXC (Riga Centre for New Media Culture) organizes TECHNO-ECOLOGIES (since 2011), as part of the Baltic-Nordic initiative RENEWABLE NETWORK, taking the environment, social relations and human subjectivity into account. FIELDS maps expanded areas of artistic practices that merge politics, technology, ecology, gender and semiology. Composting the City (2012) investigates urban farms and cycles of composting systems. In search of biotechnological food production, Hu.M.C.C (2012) creates a brand new product line “Maya YogHurt.”


Extending the invitation to catch-up and chat with acquaintances and strangers, artists and organizers, builders and schemers, the techno-minded and those with dirty, soil-stained hands, this meeting serves as a depot for information drop-off, pick-up, take-away and tag along, walking us into a rhizomic rooted forest-scape.