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Thu 31.01.
Thu 31.01.
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Like book printing, film has not evolved very much technically: Film today is shot on 35 mm just like in the 19th century. Though it will soon be displaced by digital formats, digital carriers become obsolete unbelievably quickly. This program is a very short history of the disappearance of carrier media. Disque 957 is about records, in its time a very modern medium. Ironically, this is intentionally a silent film; music is transferred in a visual rhythm. Color Sequence is the first flicker film in history, and in color at that. The film medium is reduced to its essential: the changing projection of light. This is experienced completely differently in Projection Instructions, a film that “forces” the projectionist to do a live performance. I am Micro is the story of the Indian film industry, told through its abandoned production facilities. In the elaborate animation / … (liquid paper), the filmmaker cuts through books. The protagonist in Gazette shows us her collected treasures, every issue of the 17 journals she subscribed to in the Soviet Union, archived precisely in neatly bound piles. In China, the woodcut was a popular form of printing to produce simple propaganda material. In contrast, in the animation Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined Yet in the Revolution the woodcut is used for a very complex visual reflection on the revolution. The External World is a grim psychogram of a cold world, in which the artist consciously applies obsolete, digital animation techniques. 


Disque 957, Germaine Dulac, fr 1928, 6 min
Color Sequence, Dwinnel Grant, us 1943, 3 min
Projection Instructions, Morgan Fisher, USA 1976, 4 min
I am Micro, Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel, in 2012, 16 min
/... (liquid paper – flüssiges papier), Michel Klöfkorn, de 2010, 4 min
Gazette, Eleonore de Montesquiou, ru/ee 2009, 4 min
Some Actions Which Haven't Been Defined Yet in the Revolution – Yi Chang Ge'g Zhong Hai Wei Lai De Ji Ding Yi De Xing Wei
, Sun Xun, ch 2011, 13 min
The External World, David OReilly, de 2010, 15 min