Wed 30.01.
Wed 30.01.
Festival format Performance
Festival thread Networks
hkw cafe stage

-logy is a "science fiction" performance representing the border between controlled and uncontrolled technology, exploring the exchanged energy between humans and technology.


Online networks have become a pervasive part of our daily lives. Through the Internet we connect ourselves to different systems, like social platforms, online gaming networks, etc. Being part of a network gives us the feeling of belonging to a community that does respect certain rules although it has no direct center or leader. By connecting, we diminish our freedom simply by belonging to a community or extending ourselves. By connecting to networks, technology has finally invaded our bodies. Will it eventually be able to survive on its own, independent of our control, or will it always be an exchange of survival energy between human and technological forms? -logy exploits the idea of energy exchange between the two: Technology becomes alive with human help. Become connected with the help of technology and be part of the emerging network.