LEAP / BodyControlled #2 - matter incompatible

Thu 26.01.
Thu 26.01.
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with Alex Nowitz, Echo Ho, Mario de Vega


The series BodyControlled sees itself as a mediator in the context between sound art and body related expression. In their work the invited artists focus primarily on the relationship between technology and sound at the interface with the physical. In the second part of BodyControlled, the theme is Matter-Incompatible, a mix of the topics of BodyControlled and transmediale 2012.

Time & Date: 26.01.2012, Opening 20:00

Cost: Free (or donate what you want)
Address: LEAP (Berlin Carré, 1. Floor), Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 10178 Berlin
How to find LEAP: vimeo.com/20384216
> leapknecht.de/