Insecure Territories

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Public space does not end at the borders of visible, perceptible reality but extends into the invisible. The increased population of communication devices in public life results in a dense layering of electromagnetic content passing through both air and bodies, on route to its target. As such we are not just senders and recipients but carriers of signal.


We unwittingly move through numerous digital and analog networks, leaving traces of our electronic passing with the devices and gadgets we carry. More so, we inadvertently leak information about ourselves that can be analysed to a disturbing level of accuracy with publicly available forensic tools.


In form of a workshop and presentation, the technologies and techniques of how to read the plethora of signal in the air, manipulate it and pass it on will be adressed.


Network Insecurity

Experienced wireless hacker Bengt Sjölen will present the WiFi spectrum (2.4-2.5Ghz) as a rich material for activist intervention, study and play. In tandem with Gordo Savicic and Danja Vasiliev, from a temporary outpost in Sao Paulo, they will lift network packet analysis and manipulation into a trans-continental domain.


Invisible Territories

Brendan Howell and Martin Howse will take investigation and intervention into other bands of the spectrum, introducing custom hardware and rigorous techniques for a psycho-geophysical reading of the area around Tempelhof airport.


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CODES CULTURES describes a process started by the group in 2004, to show and discuss possible intersections of media, arts, science, culture, technology and design. Cultural accomplishments of individuals or differently organized forms of human beings in the context of an ever changing (transforming) environment brings manifold products and processes to the surface: cultural artifacts, distributed agencies, framed interactivity, ideas. Coded Cultures addresses the research in different presentation- and discourse formats: CODED CULTURES is also a multinational festival for media-based "production cultures". Titled "Exploring Creative Emergences" in 2009 it took place both in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama) and Austria (Vienna).



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