Imaginary Museums, Computationality & the New Aesthetic

Wed 30.01.
Wed 30.01.
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Contributors to this panel were invited to take part in a book sprint—an intense four-day writing retreat—in November 2012 in Berlin to explore André Malraux's notion of the ‘Imaginary Museum’ or ‘Museum Without Walls’ in computational and new aesthetic terms. Following this intense and extremely creative writing process, the panelists produced a work of approximately 12,000 words and are very grateful to have it printed at transmediale in 2013. They hope it will be an interesting and provocative theoretical contribution to the debates at the festival. In this panel, they will discuss the final text and some of the theoretical work that went into its synthesis. Discussion will also be about the book sprinting process itself, not only as a means of writing, but also as a way of collaborating and sharing ideas and concepts in creative dimensions.