I'm the Enemy

Thu 02.02.
Thu 02.02.
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The term "compatibility" comes from the Latin compatere, to have compassion. This programme deals not so much with the incompatibility of human beings with their technology, but with their lack of mercy for their fellow creatures. Night's High Noon highlights the violent influence of Australian colonial culture on the Aborigines. The relationship between humans and animals is the theme of Beaver Skull Magick, which employs two very different source materials: an X-rated internet video about a hunting expedition and a historical educational film about beavers. Good Boy - Bad Boy reflects on the schizophrenic relationship of dominance involved in animal training: as long as pets do what their owners say, everything is alright; otherwise they are threatened with sadistic correction rituals. An incident at a Palestinian checkpoint can only be experienced via a mirror-image in an eye in Coms Device – the human appearing reduced in the reflection of terror. I'm Not the Enemy probes the highly disturbed psyche of a war-veteran who is unable to make himself at home again within "normal" society. The deep schisms within Israeli society are highlighted in Tse, which features a provocative and sadomasochistic ritual of exorcism involving quotations from foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Night's High Noon – An Anti-Terrain, Peter Callas, au 1988, 8 min
Beaver Skull Magick, Steve Reinke, nl 2010, 6 min
Good Boy – Bad Boy, Neozoon, de 2011, 4 min
Coms Device, Nadav Assor, us 2011, 8 min
I'm Not the Enemy, Bjørn Melhus, de 2011, 13 min

Tse – Out, Roee Rosen, il 2010, 35 min

(Image: Bjørn Melhus. I'm Not the Enemy. Copyright / Courtesy VG BILD - Benoit Detalle)