[[[ I'll Show You HD ]]] - transmediale Marshall McLuhan Salon 2013

Wed 30.01.
Wed 30.01.
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An exhibition by Jennifer Chan


As part of the “post-internet” generation of young artists, Jennifer Chan (ca) maintains three YouTube channels and five tumblr blogs all under different names and projects. Fluid and mediated identities definitely play an important role in her work, which displays an equal appreciation for and revolt of the long-standing interests and communities online, from sexually and spiritually infused new media business hype to the sometimes overcrowded, sometimes lonely vistas of cyberspace. The exhibition [[[ I'll Show You HD ]]] consists of a series of “visual mixtapes” that all follow a vernacular remix aesthetic in which net culture is captured as a form of “found footage”. These are recontextualized through satirical montage, revealing how cleanliness of digital culture is actually full of contradictions and confused desires.


This exhibition is realized in cooperation with the Marshall McLuhan Salon at the Embassy of Canada, which holds one of the most significant collections of audio-visual material by and about the Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan, as well as a large number of his publications. Since 2007, exhibitions and events organized in cooperation with the transmediale have been held in the Salon. For transmediale 2013, the exhibition [[[ I'll Show You HD ]]] and the Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2013 with Ian Hacking are on the program.


The exhibition [[[ I'll Show You HD ]]] is a collaboration between transmediale and the Embassy of Canada.