Google – One Week Piece Workshop #1

Thu 02.02.
Thu 02.02.
hkw k2

During the workshop we will set up our browsers to automatically publish all our Google searches during transmediale on the web. We will interlink our searches so that they get good rankings and become visible for everyone in everybody's search results. Participants can join the collaborative Google – One Week Piece and follow the example and communication of other public searchers.To participate you need a computer or mobile phone (Firefox or Chrome browsers)


Workshop: Google – One Week Piece Workshop by Johannes P. Osterhoff

Dates: Thursday Feb 2, 11.00-13.00 or 14.00-16.00

Maximum number of participants: 20

Workshop language: English



⁃    A computer or mobile phone (Firefox and Chrome browsers) is required from which personal Google searches should be made public during transmediale.





Image: Google queries for 99 cents each, photo by Anke-Madelaine Jaeckel, license: AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by Johannes P Osterhoff

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