The Future of Creativity by Jeremy Bailey

Tue 31.01.
Tue 31.01.
hkw cafe stage

"While browsing the transmediale website I was pleased to find they are 'always on the look out for projects and persons who may help in navigating, reflect on and ultimately re-model the production of contemporary culture'. I was even more pleased to hear that this year the festival is investigating the fundamental conditions for cultural production in times of crisis. 


As a famous new media artist I’m often invited to help resolve cultural crises. I represent innovation in a time when culture is fighting a losing battle for relevance. The onset of a global economic crisis has not helped matters. Governments are slashing cultural spending leaving fewer and fewer resources available for those that have enlisted in this noble cause. Who has time for culture when the world is about to end?


Thankfully I do. For this 2012 edition of transmediale, I’m pleased to present new software to save us all. Software that will not only rescue our creative souls but also our economic ones."


(Image: Courtesy of the artist)