Free Culture Incubator No12: FINALE

Thu 26.01.
Thu 26.01.
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Date: 26 Jan 19:00 - 23:00

Address: Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin, U8 Voltastraße


Part of transmediale 2012 VORSPIEL

The final Free Culture Incubator, the culmination of  a 12-month workshop series, will showcase people, themes and highlights from two years of extensive research covering the price and value of freelance creative work. In addition to a short review of our progress, we shall also focus on questions that have proved to be most relevant for workshop participants in our previous sessions, such as:


How can an open, collaborative initiative transform itself into a sustainable, long-term enterprise? Can such a step be taken maintaining the concept's initial integrity while at the same time preserving the interests of the community? And, is it at all possible to convert cultural value into a market value?


6 speakers who have helped shaping the Free Culture Incubator over the last years will present their latest projects and insights:

Denis Bartelt, CEO of the Crowdfunding-Community Startnext.
Nadia El-Imam, Initiator of Edgeryders, a global thinktank of transformation experts.
Andrea Goetzke, Curator and Organiser, e.g. all2gethernow and newthinking.
Stephen Kovats, r0g_media - agency for open culture & critical transformation, artistic director of transmediale 2008 - 2011 and initiator of the McLuhan in Europe 2011 Network.
Eric Poettschacher, CEO of Shapeshifters and initiator of the cultural investment project 100 x 10.000.
Adam Thomas, Communications Manager of Sourcefabric - Open Source Newsrooms for Independent Media.


We invite speakers and guests of the entire Free Culture Incubator series to come together and exchange their key findings, thoughts and ideas. After the short presentations the audience will break into six small groups led by each of the speakers – so everyone can decide which theme is of most interest for them and with whom they would like to continue the conversation.


This final Free Culture Incubator is open for everyone, there is no need to register and the event will be held in English.


More about the Free Culture Incubator
The Free Culture Incubator merges two different worlds: the idealistic sphere of free & open culture and the business incubator, breeding new profitable ideas. However, just combining these two terms doesn’t automatically lead to a new economic model. The transformation from a creative initiative into a business is long, challenging and marked by lots of trial and error. The Free Culture Incubator is settling right in this in-between-zone where we actually know very little about.


The Free Culture Incubator was launched at transmediale 2010. The 12-month workshop series evolved out of the festival program in October 2010. With the price and value of freelance creative work as the pivotal theme of all the Incubator's activities, we offered workshops on topics such as alternative project funding, open production methods and knowledge transfer.


For detailed information about the Free Culture Incubator click here:



This is a common project of SUPERMARKT, transmediale.12 and the Federal Government's Center of Excllence for the Cultural and Creative Industries.