Floppy Films Workshop. Moving Images on 1.44 MB (Part 2)

Thu 02.02.
Thu 02.02.

Floppy Films Workshop – Moving Images on 1.44 MB


With Florian Cramer (de/nl) and Dagie Brundert (de) as guest tutor


This workshop will teach you how to revitalise floppy disks for moving images. Using extreme means of compression, we can squeeze whole movies on the 1.44 Megabyte provided by a single floppy disk, using run-of-the-mill video and image formats (MPEG and animated GIFs).  Floppy films can be used for various inventive means.


The workshop will encompass both technical learning and creative experimentation. Participants will learn a few intricate details of video and image encoding in order to make, display and discuss their own floppy films. There will be three days for an intense programme: Day 1 will be mostly technological introduction, Day 2 will focus on floppy filmmaking, and Day 3 will bring the ultimate marriage of analogue and digital low-tech. We will shoot and develop Super 8 film and put it onto floppy disk.


Participation is limited to 14 people. Bring own laptop or netbook (best Linux or MAC OS X); USB floppy disk drives and floppy disks will be provided.


Workshop: Floppy films Workshop - Moving Images on 1.44 MB by Florian Cramer, with guest tutor Dagie Brundert

Dates: 3 days, Feb 1-3, 11.00-17.00 

Maximum number of participants: 14
Workshop language: English



⁃    requires a valid pass for the day of the workshop (Daypass, Festivalpass, Kombipass, or Accreditation)

⁃    You need to bring your own laptop or netbook. Because the video and image encoding requires a current computer, older computers with floppy disk drives  will not suffice. The Open Source software we will install and use  during the workshop (ffmpeg,  mplayer, Imagemagick, gifsicle) works best  on Linux and Mac OS X. USB  floppy disk drives and floppy disks will be  provided.



(Image by Florian Cramer)