Drumbeat Workshop and Consultancy Bureau by and with Henrik Moltke & Mark Surman

Sat 05.02.
Sat 05.02.
hkw foyer

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation and participation on the Internet. Mozilla Drumbeat is a new initiative of the foundation. It is a global community of people who steward the open web, explaining and protecting the internet as a critical public resource. Drumbeat supports practical projects and local events and gathers smart, creative people around big ideas, solving problems and building the open web. This workshop represents an opportunity for participants to learn more about Mozilla Drumbeat and get individual consultancy on their own concrete plans and projects.

The first part of the workshop outlines Mozilla Drumbeat, its mission and current projects. Mark Surman and Henrik Moltke from the Mozilla Foundation will then offer pre-registered participants feedback on how their ideas and projects might fit in to the Drumbeat. Every participant has 4-6 minutes to present and discuss their questions, and get advice on whether or not their ideas would fit into the Drumbeat community. In addition to the pre-registration, there will also be the possibility to put your name on the waiting list for presenting ideas. The workshop is open to anyone interested in listening.

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