Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another)

Thu 31.01.
Thu 31.01.
Festival format Performance
Festival thread Networks
auditorium hkw

This world premiere of the new live A/V set of People Like Us (PLU) is presented in an exclusive transmediale and CTM edition that applies a collage approach to networks in which ideas, images and sounds travel in between the mundane and the unexpected. Using collaged/composed found audiovisual footage, the performance places similar subject matter side by side, where a story emerges as a sum of the parts, then digresses on a tangent. The content of the performance reflects promises of abundance and utopia in stark and sometimes humorous contrast with images and metaphors of drought, scarcity and The End Of The World As We Know It. The performance invites you to enjoy the original meaning of the word “copy,” as the name of the Roman goddess of abundance, rather than today’s concept of a “degraded” or “illegal” version of an original. In the imagination of simultaneously near and distant worlds stirred up by PLU, the supposedly original and authentic is always revealed as being part of a wider network, as relying on yet another layer. The identifying factors of an object are not central to its actual essence of being, and much like speed, dimensions and size, the terms are not fixed but are reliant upon the conditions of the person experiencing it, where and when they are situated in the network of ideas.


NB: “Consequences” as defined in two ways: 1) the result of some previous action; 2) a game (named “Exquisite Corpse” by the Surrealists) in which a story is created by assembling subject matter “blindly” in relation to a small amount of information made visible before it acts as a continuation point.


In collaboration with CTM Festival

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