Arab Shorts – State of Fluidity

Sun 05.02.
Sun 05.02.
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Sequences, replaying experiences in sentiments. The most intimate thoughts are piercing non-verbal disclosures, mere insinuations, that run like fault-lines along the shell of the earth. We live in cities along these natural fissures, concealing faults, and lines. The lips of cities are inflamed and the skin of the world is highly irritable. We swallow, with difficulty, at times in darkness, taking in sequences of narratives. We succumb to our selves, the limits of our body, and where they meet our minds, we become overtaken with the turmoil of a swiftly rising state of fluidity. Malleable, weak, vulnerable and shapeless, we take the form of anxiety in apprehension, our thoughts are shaped by the real, the uncanny, history and its cities, love and its reproduction, and finally each other. In constant reverberation, we are suspended, breathless, in trance, drifting, and are suddenly summoned back to a present tense. Stories – as films – yield us towards the state of things, as they are, an unrelenting fluid state.

A State of Fluidity is curated by Maha Maamoun and Sarah Rifky from Cairo; text by Sarah Rifky.

Rice City, Sherif El Azma, eg 2010, 19 min
Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright, Akram Zaatari, lb/uk 2010, 12 min
Tarahi II, Haris Epaminonda, 2006, 4 min
Giza Zoo, Solmaz Shahbazi, eg 2010, 6 min
Short Wave / Long Wave, Vartan Avakian, lb 2009, 8 min
80 Million, Eslam Zeen El Abedeen and Mohamed Zayan, eg 2009, 4 min
My Father Looks for an Honest City, Basim Magdy, eg 2010, 6 min

Images of a Center, Iman Issa, eg 2005, 5 min

 Arab Shorts is a project of the Goethe-Institut Kairo.

(Image: Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright, Akram Zaatari)