Activism Beyond the Interface: The Sandbox Project

Thu 02.02.
Thu 02.02.
Meeting Workshop Talk
hkw cafe stage

A two-part playful live collaboration:

Preliminary “lab” (3 hours, restricted to registered participants, 10.30-13.30) and “multimedia intervention” (2 hours, open to the public, 14.30-16.30)


The Sandbox Project is a series of experimental production labs in different cities bringing together artists, activists and techies to reflect creatively on the in/compatibility and diversity of artivist practices. Activism Beyond the Interface (The Berlin Sandbox) is a two-part playful live collaboration consisting of a preliminary “lab” (3 hours) followed by a “multimedia intervention” (2 hours) to rethink the composition of online and offline platforms for collaboration, and their economic, aesthetic and ethical expressions. The Sandbox searches for critical ways to transpose the FOSS concept of interoperability to social dynamics in the field of artivism. With the help of relational exercises and items provided, lab participants will draw on their artistic, social, media and technological skills to collectively create a technology-based or performative intervention that reprogrammes the Café Global Stage at HKW as a space of (socio-technical) interoperability. While the lab is open to registrants only, the second part of the Sandbox will be open to the public. The lab is part of a network of Sandbox projects developed in Toronto, Montreal and Mexico City.


Conceived and hosted by: Roberta Buiani (it/ca) and Alessandra Renzi (it/ca)

With: Nicola Angrisano (it), Artur van Balen, Chris Lee, Christopher Freeman, Daniel G. Andujar (es), Dmytri Kleiner (ca/de), Elsa Belhomme, Emannuelle Sirois, Isabell Meißner, Jessica Wallace, Loretta Borrelli (it), Lynn Peemoeller, Magda Drozd, Maiko Tanaka, Maja Leo, Max Valenti, Silvia Procopio, Tamiko Thiel, and others.


[Images: Roberta Buiani and Alessandra Renzi (Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic CC BY-NC 2.0)]